Monday, April 23, 2012

What Will You Wear on Your Special Day?

You spend 10 months, and likely longer, preparing for it. You spend hundreds of dollars on classes, support, clothing, supplements, furniture, and more. Not to mention the immense emotional investment. And then the special day arrives - likely out of the blue and unexpected.

Your Wedding Day? No, your Birthing Day!

What will you wear on this special day? The day you've been waiting for and preparing for for months. The day that will be presented in photos and videos for posterity.

You show up to the hospital and they give you a drab, square shaped piece of fabric that's open in the back for the world to see. This isn't what you were planning! You're not sick, not a hospital patient! You're a lady in waiting! Soon to change your status forever to that of Mama! Soon to welcome in that mysterious baby you've been bonding with for months. And not to mention all the people who will be seeing the photos of your labor and birth!

And if you give birth at home or in a birth center, what will you wear? A sports bra that may be difficult to remove later, after the birth. An outfit you really don't want to ruin. Some drab old t-shirt and yoga pants that aren't too flattering. Or maybe nothing at all, but you'd like some type of coverage for the photo shoots.

You're not the only one wondering what to wear for that momentous occasion; the day you'll remember for the rest of your life. And luckily now there are options!

Pretty Pushers came out with an adorable gown that is very hospital-compatible. There are tie-openings in the front to provide access to your belly for fetal monitoring. It has a handy halter top that is easy to remove for breastfeeding. And the back is all open in case you decide on anesthesia. They come in 3 adorable screen prints of those things pregnant women crave but can't have while they're expecting: Sushi, Coffee, and Mai Tai. They also come with a headband to keep your hair out of your face - very useful when you're huffing and puffing.

Pretty Pushers also offers Plus Size gowns and Gift Sets which include lip gloss, a mirror, massage oil, and a lemon scented towelette - to keep you looking picture-perfect!

 Our newest gown, the Birthing Gown,  is even more exquisite. It really is so flattering that it could be worn to a party or luncheon and no one would bat an eye. Until, that is, they notice the velcro shoulders that open easily for nursing access. The extra soft fabric creates a wrap dress with a beautiful bow that ties at a flattering empire waist. Definitely suitable for a lounging gown on those days after the baby that you need something comfortable and breastfeeding-friendly to wear!

Happy Birthing!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Confessions of a "Newbie"

Contributed by Miracle- our newest employee here at Soft and Cozy Baby!

When I first discovered I was pregnant with my oldest son in 2007, I immediately began thinking about the best way to birth him and feed him. Like any pregnant or new mother, you research the best options for your child, from car seats and cribs, to daycares and pediatricians.

For me, breastfeeding was a given, as was attempting the most natural and intervention free birth possible. For some reason, it never occurred to me to think about using cloth diapers as part of a more “natural parenting” lifestyle. Diapering was hardly a blip on my radar!

After my son was born, a friend mentioned her use of a hybrid cloth diaper and this allowed me a tiny peek into the world of cloth, but I was still unconvinced. It seemed like this unreachable goal for me and I kept visualizing dipping diapers into the toilet and smelly, stinky mess everywhere. I did not have the
confidence in myself as a new mother to try out a new system. (I have since learned that I am capable, strong, and absolutely can do this!)

As he grew older, I discovered multiple problems with using disposables. He would break out into a rash, they always seemed to leak (up the back blowouts anyone?), they were expensive and smelly, we ran out constantly, and it felt as though my trash was always overflowing. I also started thinking more the environmental impact of these diapers…where do they end up when they are used? A landfill? What resources are being used to make them? What exactly are in these things?

All of these questions continued to follow me through the course of my son’s baby and toddlerhood, but I did not have adequate information, support, or resources to make a decision at that time. When I discovered I was once again pregnant with baby #2, I made a firm decision to research cloth diapering.

What I found was definitely surprising. The variety, ease of use, and flat out cuteness of cloth diapering was amazing. I knew this time I would be able to have success with cloth, I just needed someone to inform and encourage me. With the help of my sister and several people at the store, I was able to stock different types of diapers and covers. Since the birth of my second son, I have not only had success with diapering, but I have grown to love cloth and trying out and collecting different diapers. My husband teases me whenever I come home with new diapers! One of the best moments I have had with cloth diapering is my grandmother telling me how proud of me she is for using cloth. If cloth was good enough for her, it is good enough for me!

So, my confessions are that I was not a faithful cloth user with my oldest son, but I am a loyal cloth user now and I am so glad I made the change! It is never “too late” to try cloth. Even if your child is a toddler, you did not use cloth with your older children, or you just aren’t sure what is out there, switching to cloth can still be a very cost effective and helpful change,. So if you aren’t already using cloth or
considering, give it a try!