Monday, December 21, 2009

Twitter Cloth Diaper Chat

Join parents from around the country (globe?) on Twitter every Monday night from 8-10pm for a Cloth Diaper chat! Discuss your passion (obsession?!) with like-minded folk!

Use #clothdiapers to join in on the chat.

See you there!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Detergents Update

Wow! We have gone a little crazy with detergents since I last wrote about them on the blog (ok, so I havent been that good about keeping up with this blog!).

Here's an overview:

Country Save - I've talked about it before. It's a great powder for a very reasonable price. A huge box will last you for a long time! The box says 80 loads for a top loader and 160 for a front loader. You can probably get 2-4x as much! You only use 1/4 scoop for your diapers and 1/2 scoop for your clothes. It'll last forever!

bumGenius Diaper Detergent - Based on the Country Save formula. That's all they'll say - they wont give out any details! It's a smaller box so not as cumbersome or scary looking as the big Country Save! And it's bumGenius endorsed - what could be better!

Planet - for those that prefer liquid this is a great option. You still only use 1/4 scoop (1 oz) for your diapers so this 100 oz jug will last months! Seasoned CD'ers swear by the powers of Planet! And, like Country Save, if you develop a love affair with Planet, you can buy it by the case on Amazon!

Thirsties Super Wash - Another great, BRAND NEW, liquid option is Thirsties Super Wash system. There are 2 parts - the Pre-Wash uses antimicrobial properties to fight stains from setting and bacteria which is the cause of rash and residual ordors. The Super Wash has a probiotic element which introduces GOOD bacteria to fight odor and rash! They come separately or in a vacuum pack and even have a built in chamber so you always measure the perfect amount of detergent and never end up wasting!

Rockin' Green - New to Soft and Cozy Baby is the hottest detergent on the market! It is a powder that comes in adorable bags in a range of yummy scents. There is an option of Soft Rock (sensitive) or Classic. Soon they will be introducing Hard Rock for those fighting hard water.
Happy Washing!

Thirsties new Duo Diaper - Reviewed!

I love the new Duo Diaper that Thirsties just came out with. It is probably to replace their All-In-One (AIO) which is being discontinued and is currently on clearance.

Well the Duo Diaper is almost as good as the AIO - maybe better! It's based on the Duo Wrap which is a 2 size system. Thirsties said they tried to make a One-Size diaper but it just didnt work. And I totally agree that there are very few babies who are able to wear one diaper from birth to potty training. I never recommend a One-Size for a newborn - they just dont fit well and leak. Plus most One-Sizes say they go up to 35 lb, but for Dovy, my 26 lb - 18 month old, some of these diapers are at their largest setting and will definitely not last until potty training.

So Thirsties came out with this great Duo system. Size 1 is 6-18 lb and size 2 is 18-40 lb. And on my little guy the Size 2 is just on the middle set of snaps so he definitely has plenty of room to grow.

How would the Duo Diaper be just as good or even better than Thirsties AIO? The big benefit of the AIO is it's a one piece system - just as simple as a disposable. A perfect option for babysitters, daycares, CD reluctant relatives, etc. But the Duo Diaper can be just as simple. Like any pocket, you can pre-stuff it straight out of the dryer (or off the line) and it's just as easy as an AIO. Thirsties still makes great velcro closures which are simpler than snaps.

The benefits of a pocket is that it dries quicker and it's more customizable. Most AIO's take FOREVER to dry. I started with AIO for Dovy as a newborn and after 2 dry cycles and hanging overnight sometimes they were still damp! I switched to pockets as I needed the diapers in the morning. Even just hanging overnight most inserts and pockets dry quickly. Thirsties AIO do have a pocket which makes it faster to dry - especially if you turn it inside out - and you can add stuffing, but AIO usually are not as absorbant as pockets. It's fine for a newborn, but not for my baby who sleeps 12-13 hours overnight! I still do use AIO for running out shopping or if I need a quick easy diaper or for the babysitter.

The Duo Diaper is made with a sleeve. This is awesome because you dont have to pull out the insert like you do with most pockets. There's an opening on both ends so it agitates out in the wash! The insert that comes with the diaper is 2 parts - a 2 layer microfiber terry PLUS a 5 layer hemp jersey. The 2 pieces snap together so you can use one or both without the bunching. And there's still more room to add more! There are some other diapers on the market with sleeves but they dont all allow enough room for additional inserts.

What I love about the Duo Diaper inserts is the hemp part - I think it's ingenious and can't believe no one else has come up with it yet (or at least that I know of). I almost always add hemp to my baby's diaper to increase absorbancy, as hemp is one of the most absorbant materials in the CD market. If you put the microfiber closer to the baby, that catches the moisture and then allows it to soak into the hemp which holds a TON! And it's a lot trimmer than adding a bunch more microfiber inserts.

Thirsties still comes with their great gussets to hold in big messes and make a quality Made In the USA product!

Saturday, December 12, 2009