Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Contest! Enter the Sling and Swaddle Journey!

Hotslings and Miracle Blankets announce the Sling and Swaddle Journey!

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Enter today! We're looking for 30 moms to tweet about their daily adventures on Twitter. Each of the 30 moms will receive 2 free Miracle Blankets & a Hotslings Baby Carrier to aide them in their 30 day journey.
Once you're in... our 30 moms will be competing throughout June for a grand prize valued at more than $2000 worth of all the best mom & baby necessities! Read more at SlingandSwaddleJourney.com.

1) Visit the SnS site from May 1st - May 15th and click the “submit” link.
2) Fill out the survey and email us a photo of you and baby.
3) Check the site May 25th to find out if you’ve become one of our 30 moms.

Grand Prizes from:
**Miracle Blankets
**The Happiest Baby
**Babies R Us
**Pregnancy and Newborn
**Patricia Ann Designs


Covers for Toddlers

So tonight my baby, 11.5 months, just about pulled off his Thirsties cover! I started putting him to bed in just a diaper as it is so hot out now! But tonight I put a onesie on over his mega-diaper (Happy Hempy with 2 inserts and the Thirsties cover).

So what to do with a Toddler, especially in the summer, when it's nice to run around in just a diaper? Especially since they're so cute, you just want to show them off!

First, there's the Prorap Color cover that comes with a buckle. That's great for the child who has figured out how velcro works!

Or, a more breathable option for summer, as described below, is the Happy Heinys Fleece cover. It has snaps which also makes it a bit trickier for little fingers.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Fleece Diaper Covers

We are now carrying the Stacinator Deluxe Fleece Diaper Cover by Happy Heinys!

Get Ready for the hot days of Summer with natural, breathable diaper covers!

All covers are made from luxurious, 200 weight shearling fleece made by Malden Mills. This is a no-pill, tightly woven fabric. It is the same weight and type that many upscale mail-order and retail stores use for their serious outerwear.

Many moms who have used fleece of all kinds, swear by this brand of fleece for superior wetness protection and prevention of leaks.

Single layer covers are made with just 1 layer of heavy weight Malden Mills fleece. These single layer solid covers have proven to work as well as the two layer solid covers without the bulk. These are a good choice for heavy wetters and longer times between changes.

There are four snaps on each side of the waist and four snaps at the legs for maximum adjustments.

Shearling Fleece covers work great with all types of diapers.

The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt

The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt is coming in May! Join 150 online retailers and hundreds of hunters to win great prizes!

How this works is that every participating retailer hides on icon on its website. The participants get to find the icons and win prizes!

It's really a lot of fun. Come join us!

In the News!

Check us out in the Examiner! Read about the 5 Myths of Cloth Diapers...

Now Here!

We Now Carry the FreeHand Mei Tai Baby Carrier! This Mei Tai comes in great prints and is one of the most affordable Mei Tai's on the market! Come see how beneficial a Mei Tai can be! You can use it for a newborn or a 3 year old, for a front carry or back carry!
What will you do with your Free Hands?

Welcome Dream-Eze Organic Cotton Diapers! Dream-Eze makes ultra-absorbant Fitted and All-In-One Diapers out of organic cotton. These snap diapers come in great, original colors!

Also by Dream-Eze... the Wonder Wrap! This One-Sized diaper cover will fit your baby from 10-35 pounds! There are very few One-Sized Diaper Covers on the market and this is one of the most loved!

Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce our upcoming arrivals!

Expected in May...

The Ergo Baby Carrier!

Expected in June...

The Gro Baby diaper system!

This revolutionary system features a One-Size waterproof cover, snap-in organic cotton soaker pads, and a very simple velcro system so that the tabs can fasten anywhere on the front of the cover!

Both of these exciting additions are available for preorder now!

For the Gro Baby, you can order here

For the Ergo, we will be making a custom order, so please email us and let us know what you would like to see!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're in Urbanite!

Check out Urbanite's new April issue!

They have created "The Baltimore Green Guide" and we're in it!

Just go down to "Clothing, New" on their website.
Or pick up a copy at a newstand near you!