Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cloth Diaper Swap

Save the date for a CD swap next Sunday Aug 2! Bring your outgrown diapers to sell or trade.
It'll be so much fun to network with other CD mamas!

CD and Babywearing workshops this Monday July 27 at Mothering Mommies in Towson at 7 pm. Contact them for more info!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Miracle Blanket

The Miracle Blanket has arrived at Soft and Cozy Baby!

This is for those moms who keep trying to get that "burrito-wrap" right and their active newborn overpowers the blanket! For those of you who wrap and rewrap and end up with an arm or toe sticking out of the swaddle, this blanket is for you! It is made with special flaps and pockets to tuck in arms and legs. Then it has an extra long tail to wrap around the baby and holds tight!

Newborns are used to being enclosed in a dark, warm, tightly confining womb. Being out in the bright light without boundaries can be scary. Wrapping a newborn up in a swaddle gives them something to push against and the tight confines provides a sense of comfort and security. Newborns have no control over their arms and legs and therefore are usually flailing wildly. Wrapping them help to calm the baby and allows her to fall asleep and not wake herself up!
Try one of these great colors today! Best suited for newborns to 14 weeks.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Open House Today!

I love having customers come back and watching their babies grow up! And Dovy has fun playing with (or knocking over) other kids! (Don't worry - I try to keep him away from the babies...)

Come by and see the new diapers and fun products we have! I dont know why I get so excited about new diapers that aren't even for me... :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

bumGenius Organic

bumGenius Organic One-Size with Snaps are here!

Let us know what you think about this great ORGANIC cotton diaper.

Sick of velcro pulling and not sticking? Try out the Snaps!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thirsties Duo Wrap

Thirsties has done it again! They've come out with a superior, makes-sense product. I love Thirsties products, as you can see in a previous post.

Thirsties tried to make a One-Size diaper cover, but as many of you know from my soapbox, One-Size is really a misnomer. I don't believe that a One-Size diaper will really fit any child well from 8-35 pounds. It will be too big on a newborn and getting snug on an older toddler.

Well, Thirsties realized this and instead came up with a two-size diaper system. It's still much more economical than their original 4-size diaper covers that are available.

Thirsties says the Duo Wraps are more trim than their original cover - great for a trifolded prefold or over the Fab Fitted.

What is really nice about the Duo Wrap is for those babies that are no longer fit in one size but the next size is too big. The Duo Wrap is great because it has a higher rise with it's snap down system. So you get a snug fit for babies of various shapes and proportions.

And Thirsties has introduced a whole new line of adorable colors with the new Duo Wrap!

The Tinokis is Back!

It took me a while but I finally found a way to bring back the Tinokis. They were going to charge me $300 just for shipping! The Tinokis is a beautiful, great wrap that is very versatile. It is made of a thin jersey material and has a great pocket in the front that I store my cell phone or keys in when I'm moving around.

I lived in it for the first 3-4 months of my baby's life. I wore it one evening when I did a boutique show. He nursed in it and then fell asleep. I wore him for probably 3-4 hours and no back pain! The new colors we just got in are perfect for summer - light and breezy.
You can do things with a wrap that you can't do with other carriers. The main one I love is the front carry facing out. Even the Mei Tai and Ergo don't allow for the baby to face out due to the way the baby's hips are positioned. And my baby needs to see what's going on!
You can use the cradle hold for an infant and then a back or hip carry for a toddler. In between, there's the upright position either facing in or out.

I love the Gro Baby!

Wow - it's been a while since I wrote - and I do apologize. Life gets busy it seems. And now I have Facebook and Twitter to keep up with too. Was life simpler before computers?? I'm not so sure.

Anyway, on to the important stuff.

I started using the Gro Baby 2 weeks ago and I love it! It has a shell and a snap in organic cotton soaker. The shell set also comes with an extra booster. I used the soaker and booster overnight and no leaks!

Here's what I love about it:

** It's organic cotton - very absorbant and not synthetic directly on my baby's skin

**The cotton soaker and booster are both so soft

**It's very compact - you just switch out the soaker for each diaper change

** The whole top of the front and both wings are all velcro - no little tabs to stick to

** It's One-Size!

We're going on vacation next week and I'm thinking of ordering more so I can just use the Gro Baby. I can probably bring 4 shells and 10-12 soakers to wash every other day for my 14 month old. Unlike most cloth diapers that are so bulky that you need a whole suitcase just for them, a bunch of Gro Baby soakers probably take up no more room than a bunch of disposables.

What a great, practical, cost-effective diaper!