Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Covers for Toddlers

So tonight my baby, 11.5 months, just about pulled off his Thirsties cover! I started putting him to bed in just a diaper as it is so hot out now! But tonight I put a onesie on over his mega-diaper (Happy Hempy with 2 inserts and the Thirsties cover).

So what to do with a Toddler, especially in the summer, when it's nice to run around in just a diaper? Especially since they're so cute, you just want to show them off!

First, there's the Prorap Color cover that comes with a buckle. That's great for the child who has figured out how velcro works!

Or, a more breathable option for summer, as described below, is the Happy Heinys Fleece cover. It has snaps which also makes it a bit trickier for little fingers.

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