Monday, September 7, 2009

The Ergo hip carry

Ok, I know I've poo-pooed the Ergo hip carry for those who asked. But actually it's not really that bad at all.

We went to the Maryland State Fair today. My baby needs to see what's going on. I LOVE my Ergo, but the one fault I have with it is the baby can only face you. So he sits in the stroller most of the time and when he gets antsy and wants to get out, I put him in a carrier. But I felt bad that he had to keep turning his head to see what was happening. So I tried the hip carry.

It actually worked pretty well. I was happy with it. It's not as great and supportive as a front and back carry, but no one-shoulder carry is going to be. So I take it back. The Ergo is great for hip-carrying too!

Actually, here's what the Ergo website says about the hip-carry: Parents have expressed a great deal of interest in wearing their baby in the hip position. During the younger stages of your baby's growth, this is a nice alternative position between front and back, before your baby gets too heavy.

So anyway you roll it, a one-shouldered hip carry is still inferior to a fully supported 2-shoulder carry. But for those who need it (like me!) it works!

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