Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm Back!

So sorry it's been so long since I've posted! I went to Las Vegas mid September for the ABC expo - it's this humongous event with every single baby manufacturer! It is absolutely amazing! I'm so glad I have a small store so I didnt have to even think about most products! Just the number of stroller manufacturers is overwhelming!

So the reason I havent written in a while is because I had big plans to write all about the ABC expo but never got around to it. And now, a month later, I figure I should just throw in the towel and keep going. As FlyLady ( says, just keep going - dont try to catch up! So we're going to keep going!

The ABC expo was amazing - I went to Vegas for 3 days by myself - and left Dovy home with hubby! Sounds great, right? =) Actually I was so busy I was absolutely exhausted at the end of every day, not to mention the 3 hour time change. And I kept waking up early - my only chance to sleep in!

I went to see a lot of new products and have added a ton to the store. The ABC expo is when most companies showcase their new products. I'll be describing new products that I have in stock in upcoming posts.

Here's a selection of what's new!

**Ergo has a lot of new patterns and colors - no more boring black as your only choice!
**Hotslings came out with their new AP (Adjustable Pouch) sling! It adjusts between sizes 2-5, which makes it easier to figure out what size you need.
**Moby Wraps are now in stock!
**We now have a full stock of Tinokis colors.
**Coming end of Oct or November - Beco Butterfly 2(yay!), the pikkolo, winter covers for babywearing, Baby KTan.

In the diaper arena:
**We now carry Knickernappies - a One-Size side-snapping diaper. KN also makes the LoopyDo and SuperDo - great heavy duty inserts made of hemp and microfiber, especially for those overnight heavy wetters.
**Gro Baby has new adorable colors coming in November.
**bumGenius introduced their new Econobum (November) and Flip (January) systems!
**We carry Bummis Cloth Diaper Kits (everything you need to CD in a box!) and the silk soft Bamboozle Fitted!

We now carry the baby line from Earth Mama Angel Baby. Great natural products! They also have great gift packages.
BumBumBalm - a diaper rash cream, recommended by Bummis
bumGenius Odor Remover - great for spraying on your diapers before throwing them in the wetbag.
Bummis Fabulous Wet Bags - in small and medium with zippers! Made of the same material as the SuperBrites!

For Mom:
We are getting in DivaCups! The tampon alternative - very easy to use, no more tampons to add to landfills, no more odor!
Bebe Au Lait has introduced a gorgeous new line of Hooter Hiders - new patterns with ruffles or pockets! Comes with its own carry bag!

For Baby:
We now have My Little Seat in stock! Just like the Totseat but with shoulder straps!
We will be getting wooden toys in before the holidays!

Whew! So that's a taste of what's here and coming!

Preorders and special requests are being accepted as we expect some of these great new products to move quickly!

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