Saturday, November 21, 2009

bumGenius Bamboo Clearance!

Ok, now this makes me sad. I LOVE the Bamboo fitteds put out by bumGenius. It's my #1 recommendation for newborns. I think it makes a great fit for the little tiny baby and is so silky soft and absorbant too.

I'm not 100% sure why they're clearancing them, but it probably has to do with all the new regulations surrouding Bamboo. I havent done the research but I think if a product is not 100% Bamboo, you're not allowed to call it bamboo, or something like that. Plus, to say it's antibacterial you have to actually test it, which is probably very expensive.

So I am trying to stock up on Bamboo fitteds so I dont run out! I am encouraging everyone to buy at this phenomenal price. I am hoping to stock up for my future children as well! I'd hate to not have this diaper for my newborns!

The link for the Bamboo Fitteds is here. I have a bunch on order, but if you want more, I will get them for you. Preorders are encouraged.

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