Sunday, December 13, 2009

Detergents Update

Wow! We have gone a little crazy with detergents since I last wrote about them on the blog (ok, so I havent been that good about keeping up with this blog!).

Here's an overview:

Country Save - I've talked about it before. It's a great powder for a very reasonable price. A huge box will last you for a long time! The box says 80 loads for a top loader and 160 for a front loader. You can probably get 2-4x as much! You only use 1/4 scoop for your diapers and 1/2 scoop for your clothes. It'll last forever!

bumGenius Diaper Detergent - Based on the Country Save formula. That's all they'll say - they wont give out any details! It's a smaller box so not as cumbersome or scary looking as the big Country Save! And it's bumGenius endorsed - what could be better!

Planet - for those that prefer liquid this is a great option. You still only use 1/4 scoop (1 oz) for your diapers so this 100 oz jug will last months! Seasoned CD'ers swear by the powers of Planet! And, like Country Save, if you develop a love affair with Planet, you can buy it by the case on Amazon!

Thirsties Super Wash - Another great, BRAND NEW, liquid option is Thirsties Super Wash system. There are 2 parts - the Pre-Wash uses antimicrobial properties to fight stains from setting and bacteria which is the cause of rash and residual ordors. The Super Wash has a probiotic element which introduces GOOD bacteria to fight odor and rash! They come separately or in a vacuum pack and even have a built in chamber so you always measure the perfect amount of detergent and never end up wasting!

Rockin' Green - New to Soft and Cozy Baby is the hottest detergent on the market! It is a powder that comes in adorable bags in a range of yummy scents. There is an option of Soft Rock (sensitive) or Classic. Soon they will be introducing Hard Rock for those fighting hard water.
Happy Washing!

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