Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You use what kind of diapers??!!

One of the things I love most about cloth diapering (and working at a cloth diaper store) is getting to share my knowledge and passion with others. I love when a fellow mom expresses interest in learning more and gives cloth diapering a try. I get a thrill when a fellow mom notices my son's adorable diaper in the Nordstrom ladies lounge. What better way to spread the word?

That being said, I often run into those that are super skeptical of the whole cloth diaper concept. I hear questions like "You wash that in your washing machine?", "You have to rinse them out?", "You know disposables are so much easier, right??". I wish I knew the perfect way to respond but I am usually at a loss. I generally revert to smiling and conceding that cloth diapering might not be the best choice for everyone... I wish I could express to them how cloth diapering changed the way I look at consumerism, the environment, my budget, my baby's health and so much more!

Have you encountered many nay-sayers?? How do you respond?


  1. well when i get the "disposables are easier" response - i point out that it is illegal under international law to dispose of solid waste in disposable diapers so they need to be dumped, too, which is easier done with a diaper sprayer... then I say if you're buying the diaper sprayer anyway it's SO much easier to spray off cloth (i've tried on disposables - it's hard!) and besides, my daughter loves the cloth diapers, they're so much softer on her skin and i love the money i've saved! not to mention it's a great hobby! :)

  2. I usually respond by saying something funny, and some truth in it too, like "Well, I wouldn't want to wear paper underwear all day! These are so soft, they're a breeze to wash, and look how cute they are, not to mention all the money we save this way. Save the earth and enough cash for new shoes to boot? Win win!" The humor bit disarms them, some still give me the "crazy lady" look, but mostly, this works out well!

  3. I like to say something snarky like "Yeah, I'm crunchy and old-fashioned." Makes it obvious that I'm not doing it because I'm too stupid to do otherwise.