Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wet Bags: A Million and One Uses

Now that I am done with diapers *sniff*, I am left with a pile of wetbags that have been relieved of diaper duty.  Do I find myself taking pictures and posting them on to get them out of my life as fast as I did with the diapers? 


In fact, I find myself wanting to buy even more!

I don't know how I made it so far in life without the help of a stylish wetbag.  Here's what I've been using them for, besides dirty diapers:
  • Swimwear: store your wet swimsuits!
  • Travel Hamper:  Large wetbags such as the Planet Wise hanging bag or the Rumparooz Pail Liner work great as a travel laundry bag/hamper.
  • Leakproof Toiletries Storage:  Store your leak-prone toiletries in a wetbag in your luggage.  (I've had the unfortunate opportunity to test this out several times, and my Sarah's Stitches small wetbag has contained the mess every time.)
  • Emergency Potty: Fashion the wetbag into a potty and place it on the ground/hold it on the butt for those emergency potty breaks that are so common with the newly potty-learned.  I fill my wetbag with some decommissioned cloth wipes that can absorb the pee, as well as serve as boogie-wipes.
  • Snacks: Great for chips, sandwiches, etc. (You may want to use a new wetbag or sanitize an old one for this)
  • Travel pet water/food dishes: At the airport, I filled a small wetbag with water for my cat to drink immediately, and it worked for the short-term.  (I'm sure it would leak eventually.)

I'm sure there's a zillion more uses for wetbags!  Write in and let us know how you use yours!

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  1. I use mine for soiled cloth menstrual pads. Looks prettier than anything else I could put them in, and nobody has any clue what it is if they happen to go into my bathroom.