Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Taming of the Boobs

Immediately after having my son, my chest grew to the point where neither myself nor my husband would have recognized my breasts had they not been attached to me.  Yes, they were large, but also full and firm. (Ready to nourish my newborn, not for you hubby.)  I needed support and I needed it fast.

I sent my Mom-in-law to Target to buy a nursing bra.  She came back with a few nursing camisoles that had scrawny shelf bras.  When I tried them on I was terribly uncomfortable.  It felt like there was too much pressure around the rib band and not enough support.  I ended up not wearing a bra half the time, which limited me to the house.  How did I manage to overlook such an important part of the Mommy experience?!?

Since then, I have learned so much!  According to several studies found in this article:  Brasserie-Wikipedia, 80-85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.  This is not just limited to pregnant and nursing moms, but it seems that if we can't get it right when our breasts are not undergoing massive changes, then we're probably not correctly sizing ourselves when they are fluctuating with our milk production.

At Soft and Cozy Baby, we offer free bra fittings with a certified Bravado specialist.  Bravado bras are designed to provide support, grow with you for comfort, and last throughout your time of nursing and beyond.  They also come in a variety of designs and we encourage you to try on several so that you can find a great fit AND a style that makes you feel beautiful!

By giving yourself the gift of a great nursing bra, a healthy breastfeeding practice can be established. You will be feeling and looking great, but even more importantly, your baby will be getting the best nourishment that you can offer.  That's something to feel amazing about!

For more information and support on breastfeeding, you can check out the Resource Library on the Bravado website, come to our monthly Breastfeeding Class with the wonderful lactation consultant Katy Linda,  or please join us each Thursday at noon for our Mom's Breastfeeding Circle.  We hope to see you there soon.

Happy Mothering!
the Soft and Cozy Momma

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