Monday, March 17, 2014

Time for Teething!

After being woken up last night at 3am due to my son's painful teething, I was willing to try almost anything to help my little man.  Normally his amber necklace is enough, but his molars really seemed to be bothering him.  I totally understood why as I looked into his mouth to see swollen gums through which the teeth are trying to erupt.  I would be crying out in pain too!

Fortunately, I remembered that I had brought home a sample of Punkin Butt's Teething Oil.  Grabbing the little vial, I ran upstairs to wash my hands and then put a couple of drops on my pointer finger.  The oil smelled nice, reminding me of warm apple cider.  My son must have smelled it as well because he stretched his neck out and put my finger in his mouth.

I worked slowly, massaging the gums and adding more oil as needed.  It probably took me about two minutes to get the four corners of his mouth where the molars are protruding and the surrounding swollen areas.  The relief was immediate and my 18 month old was soon back to sleep.  I will definitely be purchasing a larger bottle to have on hand throughout this teething period.

The oil helped in reducing my son's pain quickly and that was the most important thing to me at 3am, but looking at the ingredients this morning, I became an even bigger fan.  Punkin Butt uses all natural oils in this blend including chamomile, clove, and peppermint essential oils.  These oils are professionally mixed and diluted to provide right amount of numbing and anti-inflammatory agents for babies.

My little guy slept through the rest of the night waking up at his usual time of 7am.  He played for about an hour before he started sticking his whole hand in his mouth again, drooling everywhere, and showing all the irritable signs of teething pain.  I was pretty impressed that the teething oil lasted for five hours, although I'm not sure if those results are typical.  We shall see as I'm positive that I'll be massaging my son's gums throughout the day. :)

Happy Mothering!
from the Soft and Cozy Momma

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