Monday, April 14, 2014

Spotlight on Svan Signet High Chair

When the Svan Signet high chair first arrived at Soft and Cozy Baby, I had many folks asking about it.  Because it was new to the store, I didn't know much about it myself.  So, I decided to do some research.  What I found was that the Svan Signet high chair is a welcome addition to your family's home!  This chair is fully adjustable, easy to clean, and works well in any dining room.

From the time baby can sit up and is starting to experiment with solid foods, the Signet high chair converts to provide the perfect place to eat.  It has an ergonomic seat that will grow with them from baby to toddler and beyond.  You can adjust both the seat height and depth.  The foot rest moves with the child and provides support for lengthening legs so that your child is never left dangling.  In addition, your child can use this chair up to 150 lbs.  You may even find yourself using it!

My son is a very messy eater!  I HAVE to have something that's easy to clean.  This high chair comes with a plastic tray that pops off and can be put into the dishwasher.  The chair itself is made of a birch that easily wipes clean.  You can also purchase covers (in a variety of colors) that are fully machine washable.  These are nice because they not only cushion your child as he or she sits, but make cleaning up a snap.

Finally, this stylish chair is perfect for your dining room!  With its bentwood quality construction, it looks like it belongs with the grown-ups.  It comes in five different shades of wood and you can add additional color with a choice of six cushions.  The chair also has a small footprint and a handle on the back makes it easy to move around the house.  Its compact style is great for row houses and city living.

We hope you come in and check out the Svan Signet high chair for yourself!  Feel free to comment here or ask any additional questions in the store.

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