Thursday, March 26, 2009

Swim Diapers

Cloth Swim Diapers are just a no-brainer, in my not-so-humble opinion.
According to, Pampers sells a 10-pack of size 6 Splashers Swim Pants for $7.99. If you go to the pool every day, that's less than a week of swimming that goes straight into the trash! 79 cents per swimming episode! Let's say your child swims daily - whether in a wading pool in your backyard, the local pool, or the beach for June, July and August. 3 months of approximately 30 days each = 90 days. 90 x $0.79 = $71.91! And that's just for one kid who only uses one swim diaper a day. If your kid poops in his diaper, you still have to change it. That's one expensive summer of swimming!

OR.... you could buy 2 or 3 swim diapers for $14 each = $28-42 for the WHOLE SUMMER and maybe NEXT SUMMER!

So here's the thing with swim diapers. They're not supposed to be absorbant. If they were absorbant, they'd soak up the whole pool! So while some brands do have a small absorbant layer, it's really not necessary. The point of a swim diaper is to catch solid waste.

The only problem with the lack of absorbancy is if your baby is sitting on your lap waiting for swim lessons... Then you might have a problem. So my advice is if this is your situation, is to put a doubler or liner in until your child gets into the pool. But if you're in a bathing suit also, or you're at the beach, it really doesnt make a difference!

So these are the great swim diapers I've found:

Bummis makes these great Swimmis that look basically like a diaper cover (and basically are). They have a mesh lining and close with velcro. They come in adorable prints including: Sea Lions, Turtles, Fishies and Yellow Pizzazz.

Diaperaps are new to Soft and Cozy Baby this month! They make 2 great types of Swim diapers.

The first is a basic pull-on pant - great for older kids who want to pull on and off their own pants. And great for those babies who like to open the velcro and pull off their diapers! Choose from Kites, Butterfly, or Watermelon.

Diaperaps also makes adorable swim trunks! When I saw these I just had to get them! They are why I opened an account with Diaperaps at all! You all know how much I love the Training pants we carry, and these are just as good! You can't even tell there's a diaper inside! Choose from Blue Hawaii, Playful Fish, Blue Dolphin or Parrot.

With all these great choices, how can you pass this up? So it's not Elmo, but these are some adorable diapers!

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