Sunday, March 15, 2009


I was a vendor at the Totswap in Gaithersburg this past weekend.
I think the Totswap idea is ingenious. It is a huge consignment sale. Hundreds of people bring their used baby and household products and offer it for sale. I mean this sale was huge. Thousands of clothes, hundreds of toys, bedding, nursing supplies, carseats, pack-n-plays, strollers, swings. You name it.

You get to choose your price and hope it sells. If it doesn't sell during the regular sale, you have the option of offering it half off on Sunday or then donating it to charity. Or you can come pick it up if it doesnt sell.

The first afternoon is for volunteers. Anyone who volunteers to help out during the sale, gets first dibs on the products offered. And there are some nice products and great bargains.

Then the first evening is for new moms. You have to have a ticket to get in. But there were hundreds of new moms there. (Some even came with kids - not sure how that worked...)

The rest of the sale is open to the public.

So I packed up my whole store and shlepped down to Gaithersburg and set up a table. It was a lot of fun. I did end up spending money buying stuff for my baby... Other vendors included booksellers, jewelry, tupperware, kids toys, Pampered chef, dinner services, you name it.

I got the word out about my store down there in Gaithersburg and even met a couple of familiar names and faces.

I will also be doing the Totswap in Timonium at the beginning of April. There's a new, 3rd Totswap this year in Howard County - but I won't be there.

For more info about Totswap, visit Pack up your old baby stuff and make some money! Come visit me in Timonium!

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