Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Considering gDiapers?

Have you thought about compromising and using gDiapers? Maybe it's the best of both worlds? You have the cloth cover with disposable, flushable or compostable liners.

Actually, read the article below to understand why it's more like the worst of both worlds. It is somewhat environmentally better than disposables as there is less waste. If you are really composting your liners, that's even better. But many a sewage worker (and plumber!) highly discourage attempting to flush the liners. They still contain the chemicals that are in disposables.

And they are a fortune in the long run! This article says the liners are about 41 cents each and the covers are $19 each! You can get a nice All-In-One or pocket for $19! And even disposables only average 25 cents/diaper.

I can understand using gDiapers temporarily - like if you're traveling or on vacation. But to make that your primary diaper doesn't make much sense to me.

Here's a great, thought-out article on Cloth Diaper News. http://clothdiapernews.com/?p=205

I'd love to hear your comments!

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  1. "You still have to wash the covers and you still have to buy new, relatively pricey inserts regularly." I have pockets. Washing inserts is really easy. This seems pointless if you are doing diaper laundry anyway. Nice point. Thanks!