Friday, February 13, 2009

Cuddlebabe Car Seat Covers

These are the most adorable car seat covers. When I first saw them advertised I knew I had to have one - and start carrying them in my store. They are especially perfect for Spring and Fall as they're lighter and open in the back. But the owner of the company also says she's selling them in Iceland. And it's COLD in Iceland! So really they're ideal for all weather.

They fit nicely in the carseat with a large hole in the back so no need to maneuver the seatbelts. The open back also helps prevent the baby from getting too overheated.

They have leg compartments which are separated - great for older babies who like to wiggle and kick - so they're not as tied down. An adorable hat with a pom-pom is attached. Everyone who saw my baby in that hat said "Awww!" The front has 3 flaps to cover up - one that folds up from the legs and 2 that cross over from the sides. There's a big button on the front to keep it secure.

The original fits up to 22 pounds/12 months. They have a new, larger version appropriate for 9-18 months. With all the great patterns available, there's something for everyone!


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  2. These are the most adorable car seat covers. When I first saw ...