Thursday, February 26, 2009

FREE Diaper Tester!

Purely Nurtured is looking for Diaper Testers.

Here's the info:

This is a one-size diaper meant for babies up to 35 lbs or so. For this reason we would like to get as many different babies to test as we can. Please feel free to let anyone you know that would like to test a diaper at no cost that we are still accepting testers. They can see the info at or they can email me at ! The more feedback we get the better the product will be.

These diapers and inserts are made in the USA . There is a big emphasis on quality with this product and building a design that is truly going to last you several years and multiple babies.

We will send simple washing instructions and more information on the diaper at the time the testers are shipping. We will also provide more info on our blog so you can always check there.

All testers will be emailed a code to use for credit in our store at so you will be receiving this diaper for free and a credit toward the purchase of any products in our store. Our grand re-opening is March 21st and we are giving away tons of prizes, having games and really celebrating. I do hope you will join us at this event. More info on that is available at our blog as well.

The diapers are expected to be ready to ship in 2-3 weeks. The diaper and the shipping are both provided free of charge.
Please be prepared to provide feedback on the fit, whether the diaper functions properly and the overall satisfaction with the product. This diaper is meant to be economical and easy-to-use. It is a new style and should provide a few unique and convenient features you may not have seen in other brands

Feel free to spread the word, we are excited to have so many wonderful gifts to give away and offering moms a chance to really try something new.


I would be interested in hearing feedback as well from anyone who tests this diaper to see if we should carry it at Soft and Cozy Baby!


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  1. This is a great idea! I would love a free diaper ( Also, if you would like me to come out to photograph your grand opening, I can do that. Could I put out a few business cards or brochures. I am so excited for you!