Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops!
Bring or refer a friend and save $5 on your order!

THIS Thursday Feb 12 at 11 am - Cloth Diapering
Sunday Feb 22 at 1 pm - Cloth Diapering
Sunday Feb 22 at 3 pm - Babywearing

CD- Learn the whys and hows, the benefits, the different types, which type is best for your lifestyle, how to care for your diapers, and best of all detergents!

Babywearing - Does your baby always want to be held? Learn how you can be comfortable, hold your baby and still get things done! No more shoulder or back pain. Increase bonding and your baby's sense of security and development. Try on the different slings! Lots of new colors and patterns for Spring!

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