Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Big Bad Law Sale!

To celebrate the upcoming BIG BAD LAW that is going to hurt the American economy and small businesses (listen to me rant...), we are having a sale!!

Save big money now before prices go up all over the country due to the mandatory expensive testing of all childrens' products! The details of the law still haven't been finalized, so contact you congressperson NOW!

We are clearancing up to 40-50% off!!!
All Maya Wrap products! Reduced to as low as $30!

All Doll Slings! Now only $10!

The wonderful Tinokis wrap! Now only $50! Why would a foreign company want to deal with our crazy laws? Some quality foreign toy companies are pulling their stuff off American shelves across the country.

Our adorable Ditto Daddy trainers! Now only $12! Custom made by a work-at-home mom who obviously can't afford to have them tested. She hasn't had a sale since Christmas. ;( In stock merchandise only.

Wool Soakers - Now only $18!

Get them NOW before they're gone! Remember, if this law goes into effect as is, you may not be able to buy this stuff again!

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