Monday, January 19, 2009

Diaper Sprayers

We are now carrying the Sigma Diaper Sprayer!
I wasn't at first sure about the whole diaper sprayer concept. Until my baby started eating solids...

Plenty of people do without a sprayer and do just fine. And then there are those who swear by diaper sprayers. They say they wouldn't cloth diaper if not for their sprayer. It's like their second best friend (well they didn't exactly say that...)

And I am starting to appreciate the diaper sprayer. As long as your baby is just drinking breastmilk, his poop is water-soluble and the diaper can be thrown straight into the washing machine. One cold rinse later, and there's little remembrance of that explosive diaper.

Once solids come into the picture, the colors change a little (no pun intended). When my baby had his first solid poop, I was so excited. Now I can do this whole "dump in the toilet thing." So I put the diaper on top of the pail instead of inside while I put a new diaper on him. Then, holding him in one arm (I wanted to share the exciting experience), I picked up the diaper with my other hand. And the poop fell on the floor. Yes, it was that hard. Ewww. Ok, sorry if I'm getting too graphic. Now I had to pick it up with the diaper and try to get it to the toilet. I did succeed, but some toys had to be sanitized as well... That was one of the easy solid poops - there was almost no residue on his diaper at all.

It's those peanut buttery poops that you just dont know what to do with. It's too much to go in the wash so you kind of scrape it off and try to dump it into the toilet. But it doesnt always come off cleanly.

This is where the diaper sprayer comes in handy. You can spray off all the excess that you don't want to touch. It goes cleanly (is that a word?) into the toilet and your diaper is ready for the wash.

Plus they are very simple to install. They can be installed in 5-10 min. All you need is a pair of pliers or a crescent wrench. We attached our nozzle to the side of the cabinet next to the toilet so you can't even see it when you walk into the bathroom.

You can find them here:

Happy Spraying!

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