Sunday, January 11, 2009

Please consider signing the petition below. It is to redefine a law that goes into effect Feb 11 that requires lead and pthalate testing of all children's products. While in theory this is a great idea, it will be very expensive and likely prohibitive to many small businesses.

For example, Work-At-Home moms who make cloth diapers or other baby products will likely go out of business as they do not have the volume nor the funds necessary to do the mandatory testing on every minute detail of the products they produce. Every part of the products - snaps, elastic, velcro, zippers, each individual color and type of fabric, etc. -must be tested.

If this law passes as is it will be destructive to much of the "mom & pop" type businesses that make up the backbone of America. It will be illegal to sell on the free market any baby products that you may have made at home unless you spend a large amount of money having that product tested.

Some of the products I carry as well are made by small businesses out of their homes. As they likely will not pay for testing, I will not be able to sell those products.

You can also contact your lawmakers directly. The American Apparel Associate has made this very easy if you followthis link:
It will automatically send an email (or allow you print a letter) to your Senators & Congressman based on your address and allow you to modify the text.

Please feel free to do your own research or contact me directly.
Thank you for your consideration!

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