Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I started Soft and Cozy Baby

So you read about my journey into CD'ing. Now why'd I start my store?

Well, as I mentioned, when I was researching CDing online, it was SOOO overwhelming! There were so many sites and so many types of diapers! I just didnt know where to start or what was best. All I had to go on was a small icon on a website and feedback from other mamas.

I looked around for a local CD store and only found one store who carried a couple types of diapers. She has a great store with lots of fun products and is a great resource for classes, but Cloth Diapering was only a small section. I wanted more options!

So I did some research (I spend WAAAY too much time online) and the great entrepeneur I am, I realized that it was just way too easy to start my own little store. I chose some top quality diaper manufacturers with good reputations to start with. I told my husband I was only going to have a few brands of diapers and that was it...

I also decided I would have a Babywearing section as they go so well together! My sister-in-law introduced me to the Tinokis wrap - a long piece of fabric that can be wrapped in versatile ways, made in Israel. Dovy absolutely loved it. At first he wouldnt calm down long enough for me to put it on. But later on as he soon as he saw me pulling it out, he would calm down and get excited (at least I thought so!), knowing I would be wearing him soon! I also decided to carry the Maya Wrap and Hotsling - popular slings with varying benefits.

As I've expanded (but I thought you were only carrying a couple types of diapers...) I've found other fun and related (or random) baby-related and eco-friendly items to carry.

My little boutique is outgrowing my dining room!

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