Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Cloth Diapering Journey (so far)

I started researching cloth diapers when I was pregnant with my now 7.5 month old son, Dovy. I was really looking for a diaper service. Why would I ever want to wash them myself? I don't even think I knew that was an option. But I knew that my mother had used a diaper service with one of my siblings. And I knew there were health risks and chemicals in disposable diapers. So I started looking for a diaper service for when my baby was born.

After much searching, I finally found a diaper service located in Virginia which delivers to Baltimore. I was surprised there wasn't a local diaper service available. But also, during my searches, I discovered the wealth of information on Cloth Diapering in general. I didn't realize this was a fairly new phenomenon. The diapers available were so cute and versatile. I was prepared for diaper pins! But there was almost TOO much information out there. I didn't know where to start.

After Dovy was born, I signed up with the Diaper Service. I pre-registered for 4 weeks of delivery. We went out of town for one of those weeks, so it ended up being over a 5 week span. When the diapers first arrived, I was surprised that they were prefolds. I'm not sure why I was surprised -- that's what I initialy expected when I first started looking for a diaper service. But I guess that after seeing all the fun options out there, I was disappointed that I had prefolds and boring white covers. Plus, I later found out, there ARE diaper services that offer a variety of types of diapers.

Anyway, by week 3 of diaper service, I was itching to go out on my own and try the fun diapers. So I went online and ordered some diapers. I got a few All-In-Ones and a few Fitteds. By week 4, I was using the diaper service prefolds as burp cloths and alternating when I had to wash my small new diaper stash. But my new diapers were so fun and easy to take care of that I cancelled the service all together. And I've never looked back! (except on those days/nights that I ran out of diapers and forgot to do laundry!)

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  1. What other services provide a variety of diapers?