Sunday, January 11, 2009


Don't you hate it...

I went to check on my baby last night right before I was (supposed to be...) going to bed. To make sure he was covered and not smashed into the side rails. And the second I opened his door, he woke up! Then he cried and cried. Finally I just went in and nursed him back to sleep.

I hate leaving him to cry and respect those who don't let their babies "cry it out." But I feel like he'll keep expecting to eat in the middle of the night. And while animals never let their babies cry it out, they don't have to go to work in the morning!

Recently, though, we're getting on a better schedule. And the few days that we've managed to stick to the schedule, he's been sleeping great. 2 hour naps and sleeping through the night. I guess more sleep helps them sleep better after all.

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  1. I dont know if this will help you but we made a rule with our son. We let him cry for a designated amount of time, about 5 minutes. If he fell right back to sleep, we knew he was really just tired. If he cried for longer, I knew he wanted to eat or was at least awake for awhile and I'd take him out and nurse him.